3D-Hydr02 5* Facial - The Ultimate Bespoke Facial

Offering the complete facial solution for an array of concerns, 3D-HydrO2 Facial is designed to target universal facial concerns including hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening and congestion. By utilising seven different technologies, we can offer bespoke treatments tailored to the client’s skins needs. These technologies smooth, hydrate and cleanse the skin resulting in a glowing, more youthful appearance.

Time Defence Express Facial                                   30 mins                                       £45.00

Time Defence Facial                                                   60 mins                                      £79.00

Time Defence Plus Facial                                          90 mins                                      £129.00

Clear Skin Express Facial                                           30 mins                                       £45.00

                                                         Clear Skin Facial                                                           60 mins                                      £79.00

Micro-Needling with Electroporation

Micro-Needling is a rejuvenating, minimally invasive treatment that increases collagen and restores your skin's texture - ideal for tackling acne scars, scarring, signs of ageing, texture issues and pigmentation. Micro-Needling pen devices stimulate the dermis, boosting collagen production and the natural skin healing process. This is a safe and effective treatment for all parts of the body, and it can be performed on all skin types, We use the Lynton EPN the world’s first Electroporation Micro-Needling Pen designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibres and also maximise the benefits of active ingredients applied to the skin through                                                           increased absorption of topical products used during treatment.


                                                         1 x Micro-Needling Facial                                          75 mins                                       £160.00

                                                         3 x Micro-Needling Facials (recommended)          75 mins each                             £450.00

    Dermalux LED Facial

   LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the       skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime.   

   From the first treatment, Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow.

   A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerns for the face and           body with lasting and visible improvement.


                                                         Dermalux Facial                                                           60 mins                                       £45.00

                                                         Course of 6 (at weekly intervals)                               60 mins each                            £240.00

                                                         Add-on to any facial                                                    30 mins                                        £25.00

Chopsticks "Instant Lift" Facial                                                  60 mins                                     £ 60.00 

 The "Instant Lift" Chopstick Facial gives skin a complete overhaul, lifting, firming and rejuvenating with our deluxe hour   of pampering. Using "pharma grade" hyaluronic acid. Perfect for all skin types.

                                                   Instant Lift
                                                   Instant Firming
                                                   Instant Plumping
                                                   Instant Hydration

Crystallage Pro-Ageing Sensory Facial                                    90 mins                                      £60.00

A unique facial experience which uses the healing powers of Amethyst crystals combined with potent marine extracts. Warmed salt bolsters make this a spa like event. Your facial muscles are gently lifted and sculpted with skin energising Gua Sha crystals to release tension and boost your skin's vibrancy. Combined with the advanced mineral boosting & deeply hydrating products, this is a facial like no other.

Spa Find Youthful You Anti-Ageing                                                                                  75mins                                     £55.00 

This luxury anti-ageing facial uses a unique peel-off mask combining Dead Sea Mud and Seaweed.  It brings immediate firming and hydrating results to the skin.  Your face is cocooned in the active ingredients of our specialised Algimud Seaweed mask, formulated to refine, tone and produce instant glowing results.

Classic "Hands On" Facial                                                                                                  60mins                                     £45.00

A deep-cleansing facial perfect for those with an oily T-zone or combination skin.  This rebalancing facial is perfect for skin with varying needs.  A mineral mud mask is applied to deep cleanse the pores.  the highly concentrated minerals used in this treatment normalise skin PH level to reveal a healthy, clear complexion.

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